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 Photo By Reverb

Photo By Reverb

Pokéology Quickly Secures 50%+ Funding on NextSeed, Brings Poke to Houston

"With plans to expand with a more complete dining experience in Houston’s Sawyer Yards, the team has synced with NextSeed to bring this tasty plan into fruition. To date, the crowd has invested over $87K toward the $150,000 minimum goal for 13.25% equity."

- Erin Hobey, Crowd Fund Insider

Popular Houston Poke Shop Opening Storefront In Sawyer Yards This Summer

"Chef Jason Liao and co-founder Charlie Chang are finally getting a brick-and-mortar restaurant... the new Pokéology is having a soft-opening at 2313 Edwards in the Sawyer Yards center (near new restaurant Poitín) mid-July. The official grand opening is in August."

- Phaedra Cook, Houston Food Finder

 Photo By Chelsea P./Reverb

Photo By Chelsea P./Reverb

Spicy Dog’N Go Is Bringing You Over-the-Top Mobile Hot Dogs

"THERE’S A NEW DOG IN TOWN thanks to Houstonian Oh Peou, co-founder of the soon-to-be-launched Spicy Dog’N Go food truck. Last weekend, Peou and his team were busily prepping their signature sausages at one of the pop-ups they’re hosting this month at Sigma Brewery."

- Beth Levine, Houstonia

Hot Diggity: the 10 Best Hot Dog Spots in Houston

"Spicy Dog’N Go: Stop by for buttery, toasty buns stuffed with 100 percent beef dogs and outside-the-box ingredients like... Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, shredded nori, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust. Sides include Japanese Bob-B-Q Fries and deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese Bop Balls drizzled with truffle aioli and furikake seasoning."

 - Brooke Viggiano, Houstonia

 Photo by Andy L./Reverb

Photo by Andy L./Reverb

Boozy Boba Cocktails Have Finally Arrived in Houston

"Now, they’re getting a permanent spot on GiAu’s menu along with strawberry shortcake and creme brûlée cocktails, all dreamt up by barman Jacky Lee, who’s been with the company for four years, says owner Julie Vu."

- Alaena Hostetter, Eater Houston

Houston's 11 Hottest Cocktail Bars

"#1. Make the trek to Asiatown for GiAu’s boozy boba cocktails, which combine the absolute best of both worlds. Transparent tapioca pearls are mixed into drinks inspired by traditional black tea and taro milk tea, both spiked with booze."

- Amy McCarthy, Eater Houston

 Photo by Penny Nguyen./Reverb

Photo by Penny Nguyen./Reverb

Asiatown Dim Sum Spot Gets a Major Revamp

"One of the largest dim sum restaurants in Bellaire is getting a whole new look. Ocean Palace will unveil its interior renovation with a grand opening at the end of this summer, giving the dim sum destination that opened in 1998 a major revamp."

- Adele Chapin, Eater Houston

Restaurant roundup: Halal Guys to open 4th outpost, massive Chinese restaurant undergoes renovations

"Located at 11215 Bellaire Blvd. in Houston’s Asiatown, Ocean Palace began renovating its bottom floor in March... This first phase of construction is expected to finish in August, and then the second phase will begin..."

- Jen Para, Houston Business Journal



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